Helping - Creating - Collaborating

We believe in the transformative power of the learning experience to take the individual, organization, community, and society to new high levels of performance. 

We believe in going beyond just marketing and advertisement by training your clients and customers how to use your products.

Who we are - LEADERSHIP

Instruction, Inc. is a company that creates learning experiences that provide innovative training technology solutions and consulting services that improve human performance. We're located in Paducah, KY but are prepared to conduct business on a global scale. One of the advantages we take from the digital age is scalability.


What we do

We design and develop learning experience platforms built towards increasing organizational performance and development through the analysis, design, development, implementations, and evaluation (ADDIE) process. We are a results-driven business that can use multiple analysis tools and evaluation techniques specifically selected and customized for your organization.


When do we help

We help when there is a need to learn and perform better. Not matter what stage in training or performance an organization is in we are there to help. 


Where we operate

We operate wherever technology is being used. We've create cloud-based systems and stand alone softwares. Our products and services can be applied to anywhere there are people needed to be trained. this includes but is not limited to industry, government, education, emergency management, healthcare, and construction.


Why we exist

We exist because we value the impact great training can have on an organization. Good training can change lives and help families. Good training can increase performance. Good training can be a force multiplier and provide a high ROI.


How we do it

We accomplish this by listening and observing carefully your needs and stay up-to-date with the latest applied research.  Areas of research we keep up with include: instructional design, adult learning, applied educational psychology, neuro-education, gamification, social learning, and many others. In the end, we aim to achieve a successful alignment between the learning experiences and organizational goals.