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Experience Design - Performance Technology - Community Engagement

We offer a variety of services from instructional design to human performance to ePublishing to building testing centers and much more in between.

Learning Experience Design

"Designs proven by science with artistic performance"

One of the top trends in learning technology is the recognition that the one-size fits all system doesn't work. Learning experiences can take place in multiple context and on multiple platforms based upon the needs of that particular organization. 


The vast majority of yesterday's and today's environments (work, performance, educational, training, etc...) consist of teams of people working together towards common goals. What has changed is the technology in which these teams learn to work together. Learning platforms must have the versatility to be delivered in both a team and an individual. This can be achieved through the effective use of social learning and team cognition.


We provide a variety of instructional design and performance improvement services, strategies, and solutions specifically tailored to your organizational needs. We follow well researched and real world tested theories, methodologies, tools, and techniques. It is our belief that if it is not a practical solution that works then it is not a solution.


Our services can compliment our Training Hub LMS but can also be used without. 


We offer a variety of services which include but are not limited to the following areas:

  • Competency-based
  • Project-based learning
  • Team-based learning
  • Train-the-trainer
  • Technology Integration
  • Instructional Design
  • Performance Improvement
  • Needs Assessment
  • Program Evaluation
  • Conflict Management
  • Quantitative, Qualitative, & Mixed Methods Research

We like get down to the core issues of an organization by establishing strong relationships and helping people improve. This gives us a true sense of fulfillment. In order to help organizations meet their training and performance improvement needs we use a well tested and proven five-part process:

A.D.D.I.E. Process

Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate (A.D.D.I.E) is a tried, true, and tested process that has been used in industry, government, and education for decades. This process helps us to maximize the benefit our services provide.


Analysis can take on many shapes, forms, and sizes depending upon the organization. Tools and techniques used can range from needs assessments, interviews, focus groups, questionnaires, subject-matter-experts, as well as other methods. 


Customized designs are learner-centered and shaped around the unique aspects of the people, work environment, and mission of the organization. These designed are based upon the latest industry research. 


In order to further develop solutions we don't just stop at the design phase. In this phase, performance objectives are refined and formative evaluations are conducted before the solution is implemented throughout the organization. 


Solutions are carefully implemented only after a thorough of design and development. We've researched and refined our implementation techniques in order to achieve a smooth integration. 


While the 'E' is at the end of A.D.D.I.E., it is conducted throughout the entire process. Both formative and summative evaluations take place. This allows for revisions to place before the cost the organization time, money, and level of performance. 

Performance Technology

“Sometimes the obvious is not always obvious.”

We use the term "technology" to mean not only digital/electronic technology but also applied human performance technology (HPT). This applied technology comes from scientific research. The Performance Technology Department can also be seen as the information technology (IT) arm of our company.


We deal with the creation, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of software currently being used in your organization. Any technology that deals with the performance of your organization falls under our mission. We also offer technology support for a number of existing programs. If you decided to transition to another software or program we can also help with that.

Community Engagement

Social Learning



We are a firm believers in using our unique skillsets to give back. Many of our employees including the CEO, Chief Systems Engineer, and the Director of Hardware Development are volunteer firefighters who have an innate interest in helping others. It with this culture of service that we develop community learning experiences.


Often times large group learning in the community setting is overlooked because it is hard to accurately assess. Measuring the impact of community educational programs is largely dependent upon context. It has been our experience both as individuals and as a company that with enough critical thought and reflection, communities can become stronger, safer, and more beneficial to members.





“Why is your publisher taking such a big cut?"

We come from a wide range of past experiences. One of these experiences includes academia. One of the saddest things is the amount of money publishing companies take from hard-working professors. It takes a lot to write a book. Shouldn't you be rewarded for that?


It is not unheard of for publishing companies to take a 88% to 92% cut of all revenues earned from book sells. We whole-heartedly believe that that is wrong and will never offer such a deal. We are strong believers in equitable partnerships.


The Process

Once we receive the manuscripts of the book, we go straight to work converting those files into an ePublishing format. We work with several different publishing tools and include any additions or design changes needed. After your approval, we publish your book.


After that, we set up a payment tool secured on our servers. There are plenty of payment plans ranging from daily to weekly to monthly.


If so desired, we can work with you to get your book published on paper with little additional cost.

Testing Centers

Constructing Instruction



When it comes to constructing testing centers, we can walk you through then entire process from start to post-finish. By post-finish we mean continuous analysis and evaluation.


The Process

Analyze your need

Design your space

Develop the idea further

Implement the setup

Evaluate the outcomes