Training Response to COVID-19 PPE

Face Masks

Instruction, Inc. is partnering with professionals around the United States to provide a free training resource for tools used to combat COVID-19.

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Finishing the Masks

We're working through a backlog of requests for masks.  To keep up, we're leaving final finishing and assembly to you.  Don't worry, it's very easy to do!

Our printer has been modified to extrude more plastic in a shorter amount of time and we're constantly tuning this with each batch.  This means that some masks may require more sanding and finishing.

We're printing on a bed of Kapton tape with a layer of glue.  Some batches may have a small or moderate amount of glue on the surface that was in contact with the print bed.

These aesthetic imperfections can be easily remedied with a combination of wet and dry sanding, and de-burring with a file.  We're working with other volunteers in our community that can help if you need assistance finishing your mask. Please come here for more information as it becomes available.

Make sure to clean and sanitize your mask, we recommend following the PPE standards as outlined by your organization.  Additionally, consider following the guidance posted at the links below:



This quick reference guide will show you how to use the headband to protect the back of the ears against rubbing/abrasions from the elastic straps.

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