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Training your people doesn't have to be difficult or boring. A. customized learner-centered approach is both efficient, effective, and appealing. We base our custom products on science in order to maximize the impact of training on your organization while minimizing the loss in productivity.


Products like the ones described below are more affordable than you think. By partnering with our clients we are better able to create a strong design that continuously improves itself. 


 Custom Training and Performance Hub

Learning Management System


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Every training and performance situation has unique needs that can only be met through careful analysis, design, development, and implementation. Our LMS is customized for each one of our clients in order to maximize the benefits and ROI.


Main Features

  • User-friendly interface
  • Mass Text Messaging (SMS or MMS)
  • Voice Paging
  • Course construction
  • Feedback mechanisms
  • Testing/Assessment
  • Certificate generation
  • Cloud-based
  • Secured hosting
  • Technical support
  • Data processing optimization
  • Process payments on LMS
  • Non-intrusive updates


We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our clients needs as well as offer helpful suggestions as we work together to meet their goals. This includes using your company's name/logo on the LMS.


Unlike other LMS vendors, we don't like to overload you with bells and whistles that aren't needed. We've experienced LMS's like that and don't wish that upon anyone.


Text Messaging/Voice Paging

One feature we have that most LMS's lack is the ability to send out text or voice messages to your learners from either your smart device or through our web interface. We live in a digital age where all if not mostly all of your learners have access to smart devices. A feature like this could be used to send out announcements or reminders about assignments, assessments, test, exams, clinicals, and training times.


Performance Analytics 

We provide custom performance analytics to meet your unique needs. This can include anything from the time it takes learners to complete the module to task measurements. Our programmers are able and willing to create custom software.



Accessing the training hub is easy and can be done through any internet connection. Our system runs on secured servers that are backed-up and monitored 24/7.

Training Hub Log-in

The design of each training hub is based heavily upon what the client wants and needs. Based upon that we design a system that is both useful and easy-to-use.


Multiple logins for trainee, manager, and other groups as determined by the client.

Learners are allowed to track and measure their own progress.

Instructors are allowed track and measure their learners as well as plan for future training/educational needs.



Our software is compatible with large, medium, and small devices and any standard operating system.

Example of Content

Food Safety Course




One of our main goals is to take your learners (customers, clients, students, etc…) and train them to use the products and services you're providing. It is no longer acceptable just to grab attention just through marketing. To continue growth, the client or customer must be able to easily learn how to use that product or service. 


Past projects have included but are not limited to:

  • Website services
  • Notification settings
  • Communication tools
  • Emergency services

Below are a few of our sample products 

Advance Graphical Organizers


Sometimes organizational goals can be met through the use of advance and graphical organizers. These types of organizers help to activate prior knowledge within the trainee which helps retain and transfer knowledge onto the job site.


Advanced Organizers include but are not limited to:

  • Job aids
  • Flow charts
  • Concept maps
  • KWL charts

We are also willing to work with you to come up with original advanced organizers specifically tailored to your companies performance needs. 


Process Map

This was a process map was born out of an invincible process. Even if employees have an idea as to why a process exist they may not know the how, when, or what. The reason for creating this process map was to standardize and improve workgroup and individual performance.

Process Map
Process Map